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The Graffiti city of Valparaiso

Jul 5 • Chile, City Guide • 296 Views • No Comments

When you first arrive in Valparaiso, you’ll notice the hills and the colors of the houses. This beautiful seaport city is recognized for its bright colors. Gazing at the hills and seeing the lively colors make you wonder why every city doesn’t have such wonderfully bright colors on their houses. The houses are all different colors because it is a seaport so most of locals have boats which are painted bright colors. They use the extra paint from the boats to paint their houses.







As I mentioned earlier, it is very hilly. The locals do not have to walk up the hills every time. Sometimes they use elevators. These are very cheap and easy to use.


 Valparaiso became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. This brings people to Valparaiso but also makes it hard for locals because if they want to remodel anything they have to use material that is currently on site, like a nail. They can´t go to the store and buy new nails they have to use the ones on site.

Boat trip

Go down to Valparaiso’s port and hop on a boat for about 3,000 pesos



I did Tours4tips. These guys dress up in red and white strips like, Where`s Wally (Waldo). My tour was supposed to last three hours but it lasted maybe an hour and a half but it was raining outside and cold. The tour guides were nice but I felt like we didn´t go very far and didn´t see very much. At the end, it was kind of awkward when they were waiting for their tips without wanting to ask for it.






When you get a little closer to the houses you will see that there are murals, graffiti, and tags all over the city. This might just be my favorite part of the city as an art lover. I could’ve spent the whole day walking up and down the hills looking at murals.
Valparaiso is an artsy town so it’s no surprise that there is so much color and life on the walls. It is illegal in Chile unless the artist is invited by the owner to come and make a mural on their wall. This is favored by many locals so that their walls aren´t tagged. However, families don´t get to choose what is painted on their walls. But, there is an understanding between graffiti artists and taggers. So, if there is a mural it most likely won´t get tagged.

20140802-094447-35087442.jpg 20140802-094447-35087363.jpg 20140802-094446-35086224.jpg 20140802-094445-35085962.jpg 20140802-094446-35086310.jpg 20140802-094445-35085632.jpg 20140802-094445-35085778.jpg 20140802-094445-35085457.jpg 20140802-094445-35085365.jpg 20140802-094444-35084686.jpg 20140802-094445-35085872.jpg 20140802-094444-35084076.jpg 20140802-094446-35086047.jpg 20140802-094445-35085544.jpg 20140802-094446-35086138.jpg 20140802-094444-35084174.jpg 20140802-094445-35085706.jpg 20140802-094444-35084782.jpg 20140802-094445-35085274.jpg 20140802-094444-35084874.jpg 20140802-094444-35084340.jpg 20140802-094444-35084521.jpg 20140802-094444-35084951.jpg 20140802-094444-35084431.jpg 20140802-094444-35084602.jpg

Valpo cars


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